If there is anyone else out there who is following the progress of the Mortal Instruments movie, I strongly suggest you run, not walk (er, click, I guess), to Filming has officially started for TMI (which obviously means “The Mortal Instruments” and NOT “too much information”) and she’s got quite a few pictures from the set, including the Shadowhunters in full Shadowhunter attire!

They all look pretty incredible, and I really want Jemima West/Isabelle Lightwood’s boots… but that’s probably just me. *ahem*

Ok. So go.


(Why haven’t you gone yet?!)


Sneak a peek at Clary and Jace from THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS

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I’m sorry, JCB. I have no problem with you as a person, or even an actor, but I’m still not diggin’ you as Jace. I don’t know about anyone else, but he’s not what I envisioned AT ALL while reading The Mortal Instruments. Although, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times, I was infuriated with casting for The Hunger Games, and I suppose that turned out pretty well…

Rumor has it that Lily Collins starts filming this Monday for TMI.

Let’s go to the movies!

ESPECIALLY SINCE MAGIC MIKE COMES OUT TOMORROW! *belts out “Moves Like Jagger” while dancing and flailing about*

Wait… oops. *ahem* Sorry. That’s not where I was going with this.

On a more relevant note, I’ve got some movie buzz to share! Let’s start with Alyson Noel

Noel announced via her Twitter feed that all four books of the Soul Seekers series have been optioned for movies! The four books in the series include Fated (just released on May 22), Echo (to be released in November 2012), Mystic, and Horizon (no info on those two yet, but estimated release dates are 2013). Make sure you add these to your “To Read” lists! You’re going to want to know this books as details on the movie(s) come out!

Now on to Cassandra Clare and the Mortal Instruments movie.

Jemima West, AKA Isabelle Lightwood

We already know Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower will play Clary and Jace, respectively. What you may or may not know about the casting is that Jemima West has been cast as Isabelle Lightwood. Recently, Cassandra Clare answered several fan questions related to the movies on her Tumblr and provided some tidbits:

  • Alec has been cast, but the information has not been released yet. Clare has NO IDEA when she will be able to release the aforementioned info. *sad face*
  • Simon has not been cast, but casting for his role will start around mid-July.
  • Max will not be in the first movie, staying true to the original Mortal Instruments storyline.

And we have some Beautiful Creatures fun, too!

As per Kami Garcia’s blog, the BC movie has officially wrapped and is looking at a potential release date of February 13, 2013. For more info about the casting, check our previous post here, and pop over to Kami Garcia’s website to see some pics taken by the actors/actresses on set and in and around New Orleans! I love the shot of the Gatlin Public Library sign! (Clearly I’m a nerd through and through, but I feel at this point that goes without saying).

Lastly, in Hunger Games news…

As many of you may already know, Gary Ross will not be coming back to direct Catching Fire. *sobs uncontrollably* Instead, Francis Lawrence will be stepping in to direct the sequel to our beloved Hunger Games. Lawrence is known for directing Water for Elephants, I am Legend, Constantine, and music videos for JLo and Britney Spears. All I have to say is… DON’T DO US WRONG LAWRENCE. Or you will find a very angry mob outside waiting for you as you walk to your car at night.

All that being said, I have one last request:

Dear World,
The entire YA book-loving community

The Mortal Instruments casting news

The roles of Clary Fray and Jace Wayland have officially been cast! It was announced quite some time ago that The Mortal Instruments heroine would be played by young actress Lily Collins (daughter of musician Phil Collins). Just recently, the studio announced Jamie Campbell Bower would be playing the hunky hero.

I suspect some of you may be wondering who the heck JCB is. I know I was. “Should I know this dude?!” I asked myself. With a little digging, I found out that he played Anthony in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (one of my Top 20 favorite movies of all time. Just sayin’) AND that he’s playing Caius in Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 AND he played Gellert Grindelwald in HP and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1. Then I thought, “clearly I’ve been living under a monstrous rock…” because JCB is no stranger to the YA movie genre. With Breaking Dawn and now The Mortal Instruments on his resume, he should be a YA movie god by the time this is all over.

I won’t lie… I thought he was good in Sweeney Todd, but the characters are TOTALLY different. Can he play tough guy Jace Wayland? Jace is everything good and holy in YA manliness. He’s tough (yet not without his insecurities), smokin’ hot, fights for the ones he loves, and has a mop of hair I’d kill to run my fingers through. You’ve got a lot to live up to Mr. Bower. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and have a little faith. But you better make good on this role, or you’ll find me at your doorstep demanding an explanation. However, I will give you +100 points for your fabulous hair in this picture.