Shades of London: BOOK 2 TITLE-AGE.

I haven’t been able to get my hands on The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson yet, but I hear it’s quite fab. MJ just announced on the Shades of London Tumblr today that book 2’s title is…

*drumroll please*


Has anyone else out there read book 1? I think I might have to move it up my TBR pile.



Second Look: Twisted by Sara Shepard

A is back, bitches...

The four pretty little liars are at it again. After the horrible events in the Poconos last year, Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily became closer than ever, and the BFF’s took some much needed time off in Jamaica over spring break. Except something not so fabulous happened in Jamaica. Something horrible that will drive them apart, and something that will most definitely come back to haunt them. Because the past eight books have taught us that secrets never stay buried in Rosewood.

The usual suspects:
Spencer. Things are about to change in Spencer’s life when she learns that her mother has been dating… and mommy’s new boyfriend has a very hot son. Our little plaid wearing Signorina Smarty Pants also got herself into Princeton. Hooray! But what makes me think she did something very unsavory to get that acceptance letter?
Emily. When Chloe and her family move into the Cavanaugh’s house, Em finally has someone she can share her secrets with. But Chloe’s father has some secrets of his own that could ruin his family… and Emily. And OH HOLY SHIZZLE. Emily drops a big bomb that I, for one, was not expecting. I can’t say much more without dropping hints, and I’m not one for spoilers. But I am fairly certain this is one secret that will come back to bite her in future installments.
Hanna.  Hanna Banana is finally able to one-up her dad’s faux daughter, Kate (aka Hanna’s stepsister), by securing a photo shoot with a photographer who will hook her up with modeling agents. Except something’s not kosher with this dude… and it’s going to cost Hanna, and maybe her daddy’s entire Senate campaign.
Aria. Aria and Noel Kahn have been together for one blissful(ish) year. At least until Klaudia, the Kahn’s beautiful, Finnish, snow bunny exchange student, comes to stay with the family. I think there could be trouble in paradise, kids.


  • More lies! More scandals! More debauchery! More ridiculous behavior that is completely unheard of in today’s youth and is extremely dramatized for literary value! YAY!
  • Sara Shepard keeps dishing on pop culture references to clothes/fashion, music, and local hotspots (especially if you’re from Philly) that we all love, and maybe even wish we had access to (or is that just me?)
  • With the purchase of this book, you can help Sara Shepard put a down payment on that penthouse made of gold she’s always wanted.*

I know, I know, I know. ANOTHER Pretty Little Liars installment?! Haven’t we had enough of these already?? I have to admit, the storyline is a bit tired. However, these books are just as fun the 9th time around. Admit it: we love these girls. Mostly because they make us want to jam the stiletto of a Minolo Blahnik heel through their heads while screaming, “CAN’T YOU SEE THIS WON’T END WELL?!” But I love a good scandal and, personally, I also love reading about what kind of trouble these posh princesses would get into next. Shepard’s writing is well paced and her well-crafted (albeit overused) mystery always leaves me wanting more. Though I find myself wondering if it’s a brand spankin’ new mystery, or the same one wrapped up in a new package. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it and, as usual, there was a nice little note from “A” at the end telling us what we can expect in Book #10 (Ruthless, set for release December 6, 2011).


*Seriously, the woman has 10 novels out (soon to be 13) for teens in two different series. And, by the way, both of those series have been made into TV shows. She also published an adult novel (The Visibles) in 2009 and founded the PBS Kids network. I swear, I’m in the wrong line of work…