Quote Props

These Quote Props are brought to you by Alicia Thompson’s Psych Major Syndrome (which is cracking me up at a ridiculous rate):

The Scene:
Leigh, the main character and first year psych student, is at a mentoring program for middle schoolers. The topic of discussion is teen pregnancy.

“Today, why doesn’t everyone say their name?” Linda suggested, looking around the room with bright eyes. “And then after your name, say… what you would name your firstborn child!”

Way to discourage teen pregnancy there, Linda. I bet D.A.R.E. never had to deal with this kind of crap. We’ll just introduce ourselves, and while you’re at it, tell everyone your drug of choice.

The Scene: 
Leigh is taking a tour of a fellow student’s condo:

Reluctantly, I started to follow her, and caught myself when I stumbled over a huge lump on the floor.

It was a cat. And not just any cat. This was the biggest, meanest cat I’d ever seen. It looked like it could crush an armadillo in its jaws, and it had the beady eyes of a crocodile. It was more than a cat. It was a Linda Blair movie.

Granted, it’s the subtle things that make me giggle. I have a weird, dry sense of humor so it may have been the vision of a cat embodying Linda Blair that amused me.

Full review of Psych Major Syndrome to come!


Quote Props

Today’s episode of Quote Props comes to you from Robin Benway:

“NEW PLAN ALERT: Get a baby pig. Name it The Notorious P.I.G. Call it Piggy Smalls when it’s being cute.”

This just proves that she is just as amusing in real life as she is in her books. Now I have the sudden urge to reread Audrey, Wait! again…