Movie Monday! Lauren Kate’s FALLEN finally getting Big Screen Treatment




This is the best movie news since…well, since Twilight.  Lauren Kate’s amazing young adult series, FALLEN, is finally getting the Big Screen Treatment.

Well, sort of.

Hypable reported that Scott Hicks directed the best-selling series starring Addison Timlin as Luce, and Jeremy Irvine and Harrison Gilbertson.

Right now, the film is set to release in Singapore and Thailand in November.  Supposedly, the production company is hoping to get enough support for a US release.


You can watch the trailer here:

Personally, I’m hoping this is available in the US.  I would be okay with a straight-to-DVD-or-Digital release. (Netflix, I’m eyeing you!)

I loved Luce’s story.  I don’t think I read beyond book 2, Torment, but I loved Fallen.  I’ve had Unforgiven, Cam’s side of the story, on my shelf since its Book Birthday.  And after reading Oblivion (Obsidian from Daemon’s POV), I’m into the reverse narrative of my favorite YA books.

Needless to say, I’ll probably be picking up either Fallen or Unforgiven to read in preparation of the movie!

Who else is with me?  Who’s excited to see this?

If you haven’t read Fallen, yet you need to read it and then report back on your thoughts!

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For all you Fallen fans…

If you’ve fallen for Lauren Kate’s bestselling supernatural series (pun intended), then remember to look for Fallen in Love: A Fallen Novel in Stories. FiL features a collection stories by Lauren Kate about the characters in the Fallen series. It might be enough to hold you over if you can’t wait until June for the release of Rapture.

Fallen in Love will be released on January 24, 2012.

Liam Hemsworth as Daniel Grigori?!

I gotta say, I did NOT see this one coming…

As we all know, I will never rely on for factual details on upcoming movies. Because, you know. They’re always WRONG. But I can consult the ever popular website for rumors to get us all talking!

Seeing the cover reveal for Rapture by Lauren Kate made me realize that I have not checked up on the casting rumors for the Fallen movie in quite some time. And since I apparently am obesessed with this, I decided to look into it. Lucy Hale still seems to be the front runner to play Lucinda Price, but we have a new addition to the cast list! Hunger Games Liam Hemsworth is rumored (only rumored… not confirmed) to play Daniel Grigori, Luce’s love interest from the popular Fallen series.

Since I did not see The Last Song (nor will I ever), I’m not going to judge this potential casting decision until I have more facts (read: until HG comes out and I decide if he was an effective Gale in my eyes… because I’m petty like that). I like his look though, and could totally buy him as the type of fallen angel a young girl would fall for. *wink*

Admittedly, I am firmly Team Cam (I’m a sucker for a badass. I won’t lie.) and I cannot wait to see who will play him.

ANOTHER new potential Lucinda Price?!

Aye carumba. Well, Lucy Hale *was* back in for a hot minute as Lucinda Price in the movie adaptation of Lauren Kate’s Fallen series, but it seems she’s been replaced yet again. No, not by Kaya Scodelario (that rumor was SO last month). This time, Lauren McKnight is the newest starlet to swan dive into the rumor pool.*

I have to admit, I know NOTHING about this chick. I’ve never seen anything she’s been in so I can’t speak for her acting ability. But the girl totally has the look. She’s petite. She has long, flowy jet black hair. And let’s face it… I’m secure enough in my heterosexuality to say that the girl is BEAUTIFUL. I can definitely see her rocking the role of Luce. Let’s see how long it takes before she’s replaced with an entirely different actress and my hopes get dashed yet again.

*It should be noted that as per IMDB, there are two different actresses on the bill to play Arriane (and with each listing, the character’s name is spelled differently). The Internet Movie Database has just become my most UNreliable source and they are NOT on my happy side right now *growls*