Second Look: E.K. Johnston’s EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR

I wasn’t too sure about this book.  The cover, and title, was interesting enough to grab my attention.  But after reading e. lockhart’s WE WERE LIARS and being slightly disappointed, I was weary of Johnston’s novel because of the same disappointment.


But then Katie read it and told me how good it was, so I decided, “What the hell?”


E.K. Johnston’s Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Dutton Books, 2016

What It’s About:

For Hermione, there is only goal: complete senior year without the curse of Palmero Heights Secondary School.  She never imagined that she would be part of that curse.  But when it happens, she makes sure to break the mold.  She refuses to be defined by any labels.

Hermione is a cheerleader.  She lives and breathes cheering.  And the summer before her senior year, she is determined to make the best of her last cheer camp.  And it’s going great (well, except for her boyfriend who’s jealous of her time), until the final night dance when someone spikes her drink and rapes her.

Hermione doesn’t remember much happening after her drink was spiked, and she feels that’s part of the problem.  To her, the events of that night happened to someone else, not to her.  But as the story progresses, she begins to remember, slightly.  And she learns to adapt to her memories, and take back the power that had been taken from her that last night at camp.

Another selling point is Hermione is surrounded by a strong support system.  Her BFF, Polly, her cheer-team, her parents, her therapist.

This book is definitely for fans of Jo Knowles’s Jumping Off Swings and John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.

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POP QUIZ: Who gets to play Tris Pryor AND Hazel Grace Lancaster? Why, SHAILENE WOODLEY, of course!

Yes, YA fans, it is true!

Shailene Woodley, who we recently learned will play Tris Pryor in Divergent, has also been offered the lead role of Hazel Grace Lancaster. That’s right, John Green fans. If she accepts the role, Ms. Woodley will be heading up the cast of the adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars.

Hazel Grace, Take 1

The newly dubbed Hazel Grace Lancaster

So. The TFiOS movie is officially happening. Which means I will spend $10 to sit in a dark theater and sob hysterically for 2+ hours. I’m sure it will be worth it. :)

Just when you thought John Green couldn’t get more awesome

I just stumbled upon an awesome interview with John Green at The Atlantic Wire (titled: How John Green Wrote a Cancer Book but Not a ‘Bullshit Cancer Book’). He discusses what went into writing The Fault in Our Stars, the vast readership and fandom for the book among different age groups, writing for teens versus adults, and THE TFIOS MOVIE (dun dun DUNNNN!!!)

And for any of you who are worried about the movie adaptation being a travesty (myself included), this should put your mind at ease:

I saw that there is a movie version in the works. I’d like to know your thoughts on it, whether you’ve been involved in any of the early stages …

Yeah, I’m involved. They’ve shared every draft of the script with me — the script is amazing, so I don’t have a ton to say about it. I mean, I have a ton to say about it, but … They’ve certainly listened to everything that I’ve said really closely. I feel like I’ve gotten to know the screenwriters quite well. And I’m really, really, really a huge fan of the director… I think he’s brilliant. I think he understands the book in a really profound way. I think he’s really committed to the stories, and that’s a special and rare thing out there in Hollywood.

So, let’s all take a collective sigh of relief (breath in…. and out) and then hop on over to The Atlantic Wire take a look at the full interview!

It appears to be official… The Fault in Our Stars movie WILL HAPPEN.

The Hollywood Reporter reported yesterday that the potential movie adaptation of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars (known from this point further as TFiOS) has landed a director.

Josh Boone, whose only previous directing venture was 2012’s Stuck in Love, has signed on to direct John Green’s most recent novel.

So now that I’ve Netflix’ed Stuck in Love so I can judge it accordingly to see if I approve, let’s talk business.

First off, as any YA book/movie fan can tell you, the bar for this movie is set pretty damn high. If this tanks for whatever reason, I’m pretty sure there will be mass riots at the front gates of Fox’s studios, as John Green’s fans are a remarkably loyal bunch. Any unacceptable change, switch, addition, or omission will most likely not sit well. That’s not saying I’m anticipating it will be horrible. I was thrilled when The Hunger Games matched the awesomeness of the book, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower is absolutely THE. BEST. recent book-to-movie adaptation I have ever seen in my somewhat short life. Since those were hits, I have high hopes that TFiOS is completely capable of following suit.

Boone also mentioned in an interview that TFiOS is a very special book to him, and it came along during a difficult time when he lost a close friend. You can read a bit more of his statement and here. Being that the book is so meaningful to him, he should be less inclined to mess with it’s amazingness.

Rumor has it that Shailene Woodley (of The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Hailee Steinfeld are in the running to play Hazel, one of the main characters. No rumors as far as who may be in the running for the character of Augustus yet, but if the casting for this is off, it truly will DESTROY this movie.

          Hailee Steinfeld

MAKE YOUR DECISIONS WISELY, MOVIE EXECS. Personally, going purely by physical appearance alone, I like Shailene Woodley (left) a little better for the role.

Lastly, I would just like to point out what could happen to ME should this movie actually happen. When I went to see Perks, I became a blithering, sobbing, emotionally demolished puddle of weepiness because I was so moved by the story, and seeing one of my favorite books brought to life. Given the storyline and depth of TFiOS, my experience with Perks will be pale in comparison to what a movie adaptation of TFiOS will do to me emotionally.

I might die.