NEW Catching Fire promo movie posters

BAM! New photos have been released for Catching Fire! Not set photos this time, though. Somehow these are even more awesome. Promo posters featuring the prominent characters in Catching Fire have been released, and OMG they are GORGEOUS. I stumbled upon a few of these photos several days ago (Woody Harrelson and Stanley Tucci, to... Continue Reading →


We have a winner! Finnick Odair cast for Catching Fire!

I'm sure there's lots of speculation over who will play the role of beloved Catching Fire/Mockingjay character, Finnick Odair. First of all, let us all take moment to giggle at THIS: Secondly, Grant Austin of "Glee" auditioned for the role of Finnick and had great interest in the role. However, it seems like the odds were... Continue Reading →

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