The review formats vary depending on who writes them. At the very least, all reviews have a summary, the reviewer’s opinions/thoughts, and a official rating.

Book review ratings are based on a scale of 1-10

1-2: Horrible. I normally wouldn’t support burning books, but I think kindling would be the only solid use for this book.
3-4: Bad. The author needs to go back to the drawing board.
5-6: Meh. I didn’t loathe it, but it needs work.
7-8: Good. It made a decent impression.
9-10: Amazing. This book can do no wrong and I want to have its baby.

Because we all know some books are just OMG WTF OUT OF THIS WORLD good, we extended the scale…

11: Super Amazing. This book is “slap you in the face good!”
12: Out of this world good.  This book is a “forget your homework, don’t feed your kids, and quit your job one-sit read.” (Thanks to Jennifer L. Armentrout for the rating, via ONYX.)



    • Do you mean a title you’d like us to read? You can just leave a comment here with the author and title. :)

  1. Hello, Ashley and Katie!

    My name is Stephanie O’Brien, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in receiving a free review copy of my new e-book, “Beachwalker”.

    “Beachwalker” is a novella that takes place in an unidentified, war-torn country, where an urban firefight has just been interrupted by a violent earthquake. It follows the struggles of a teenage girl to save a dying POW, who she rescued from a collapsed building and hid from the soldiers who had held him captive.

    Deliberately ambiguous and slightly surreal, this novella actively avoids specifying the location or time period of its settings, or taking sides in the war. Its primary focus is on the titular “Beachwalker”, the identity she drew from the stories of her childhood, and the development of both her character and her relationship with her mortally injured patient.

    The genre is a mixture of natural disaster, contemporary, war, and medical drama. Word count: 30,176.

    Here’s a link to the cover:

    Thank you so much for all you do and for taking the time to read my post. I hope to hear from you soon!

    Wishing you the best,
    Stephanie O’Brien


    • Hi, Stephanie-
      The novella sounds interesting! We can definitely add it to our “To Read” pile and review for you. But I’m not sure when either of us would get around to it. It could be a few weeks.


  2. Dear Ashley and Katie,

    Good afternoon. I hope this message finds you well. Would you be interested in a review copy of my YA fantasy novel, “The Zargothian Tales: Return of the Son of Hamorin”? Below is a brief synopsis of my novel.

    It is 5th November 1945 and two RAF turned US Airforce pilots, Captain Edward “Tally-Ho” Johnson and Sergeant Conor MacCall, are flying on a routine patrol mission somewhere over, what we now call, the Bermuda Triangle. Before they know it, the pilots are attacked by dragons! After narrowly defeating the monsters, the pilots’ plane, a TBF Avenger, experiences engine failure sending the men plummeting to the sea. On their descent, a portal opens up in the ocean and they fly straight into it, taking them to another world.
    Fast forward to the present day and the protagonist – a happy-go-lucky American 15 year-old named Henry Simmons – is looking forward to the prom. Henry loves chocolate-chip cookies and is an avid reader of Superman comics. His life is turned upside down, however, once he discovers a mysterious golden coin that contains magical powers. He uses its powers to convince the attractive cheerleader, Charlotte Summers, to be his date. On prom night, things turn awry for Henry as he is beaten up by Charlotte’s jealous ex-boyfriend. While recovering from the beating, a droplet of Henry’s blood falls onto the coin, opening up a portal. A voice from within the mystical gateway informs the boy that he must enter and fulfil his destiny. Reluctantly, Henry enters.
    When Henry exits the other side of the portal, he meets Captain Johnson, Sergeant MacCall and a witty talking cat named, Jasper. The four soon discover that fate has brought them to a land called Zargothia in Lucion – an alternative medieval world – where humans are being oppressed by a cruel, savage race known as the Sadarkians. Henry learns of an incredible secret about his past and also discovers that he is to aid the human king, Argoth and his people to regain their freedom. With danger lurking around every corner and with the Sadarkians’ army vastly outnumbering the humans, will this be too much for Henry and his friends to free the Zargothian people? More importantly, will Henry and the pilots ever get to return home and see their families again?

    Here’s a little bit about me: I’m 30, from Ireland and I love to write! Over the last eight years, many of my short stories and articles have appeared in numerous magazines and e-zines. Some of my poems were featured in international anthologies. From March to December 2007, I wrote film reviews for my local newspaper, The Kerryman. I wrote Return of the Son of Hamorin while recovering from a car accident. I’m a huge angel fan and I love to read books on that subject! Apart from being a fantasy author, I’m also a qualified Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) practitioner. Reiki and IET are healing modalities.

    Should you wish to review my novel, a copy can be sent to you via email or post upon request. I am also available for interviews if you’d like to interview me some time and I’ve copies of my novel to give away too, if you’d like one to give away.

    Thank you, Ashley and Katie, for your time in reading this email. I look forward to hopefully hearing from you in the near future.

    Take care and have a great day!

    Yours sincerely,

    Aidan Lucid

  3. Hi Katie and Ashley,
    How are you two doing? My name is Raphyel, and I’m in need of some reviews for my YA sci-fi novel. I was hoping that one of you two might be interested in my story, and offer your two cents on it. Here’s the basis:

    Where were you, when you had to grow up?
    For a seventeen-year-old Goolian named Aly, it was on another planet called Argutas. Being so far from her home world of Planet Gooliun required her to make some immediate “adjustments” so she could fit her new surroundings. Daydreaming got replaced with nightmares. Sparring got replaced with killing. Singing to adoring crowds at her father’s store turned into shouting for everyone to take cover. This is what fighting in the war has given Aly, ever since her tribe was drafted. This is the sacrifice she makes while defending galactic order against the Cyogen.

    And just when she thinks it’s as simple as merely trying to survive long enough to see another day, Aly will learn that “order” can be just as chaotic due to a Goolian condition she was born with. Planet Argutas’ different biosphere only worsens her issue, and she’ll become a danger to more than just the Cyogen on the battlefield. However, with the aid and support of loving family and friends around her, Aly might just make it long enough to see the end. Then again, it’s the very same family and friends that are involved in one of the biggest galactic conspiracies in their history. Even in her own galaxy, the governments can lie, manipulate, and twist the truth, if need be. Aly’s only a child, but when she uncovers the truth behind her world beyond home, she’ll have to make some life-changing decisions that might very well alter the course of the entire galaxy .

    “Prossia” is a 125,000 novel that shows that age alone doesn’t determine wisdom.

    If this interest you, please let me know, and I’ll be more than happy to send you either a PDF of the book or a paperback copy of my novel. Also, please feel free to explore http://www.raphyelmjordan.com/ , where readers can dwell more into the Prossia Universe.

    Thanks for your time!


  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Originally i was skeptical of the “zombie end-of-the-world theme…but this book has a new take on it that makes it incrediably hard to put done. Wonderfully written, such a twisting plot make this one of the best books i have read all year!

    I do have a question….and i would REALLY love a reply, when is the second coming out?? And is there particular store i can buy it from? I live in Australia…not sure if this affects anything
    Cannot wait to read it!! :)

  5. Hi Katie and Ashley,

    I’m inviting you to read my new supernatural YA ebook ASCENSION, book one in THE AKASHA CHRONICLES series. It’s available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com for 99 cents, but I can always email you the manuscript free of charge. Below is a brief synopsis of ASCENSION:

    Who is murdering the Akasha, the group of twelve etheric beings protecting the Hall of Akashic Records? With guardians dying and the life records of billions of entities placed in jeopardy, the peaceful Nikeelans step in and “recruit” Helen Grey, an earth-bound eighteen-year-old who must solve the murders and prevent infiltration of the Hall of Akashic Records. If she is too late, the order of the multiverse and the fates of everyone alive could be placed in the dangerous hands of the goddess Hathor and her Sikaara minions. Based loosely on an ancient Hindu concept and combining Egyptian and Persian influences, The Akasha Chronicles: Ascension follows Helen as she travels from Boston to Mount Shasta, California, where she learns that she must experience her own ascension process before she can even attempt to solve the murders of the Akasha. But as profound tragedy strikes, Helen realizes that sometimes what appears to be truth is nothing more than a beautifully orchestrated lie…

    Thank you for your time!
    Katya Seerin

  6. Hi Kate & Ashley,
    My name is Debra Ann Miller and I am a new “indie” author. I just self-published my second novel in the slated trilogy titled, “Fallen Guardian Saga.” It is a YA Paranormal/Urban Romance novel with definite adult cross-over appeal. I came across your blog by accident when I was roaming around Goodreads and I absolutely loved it! I would be honored if you would consider reading my first work. Admittedly, I had a rough start on my self-published journey. Silly me, I thought that my husband, a fifth grade teacher, editing my work would have been perfect right? Wrong! After a few 1 star reviews, for grammar errors, I realized very quickly that I needed to hire a professional editor. Of course it wasn’t before I put the book up for a “free promo” with Amazon and had 2600 downloads. Okay, so now I have a wonderfully edited version of my first work available and finally some really nice reviews are coming in. I guess you could say, I like to learn things the hard way!

    I would love to have you review, “Descended (Fallen Guardian Saga #1) and I am always happy to participate in authors interviews to help promote my work too. I am game for anything if you deem my work worthy. I am extremely passionate about my craft and have learned so much about myself and writing on this self-publishing journey that I finally decided to attempt. I would be happy to email you a pdf file, mobi or gift an ebook copy if you prefer. “Descended” is free today on Amazon for a free Kindle download too!

    Here is the link to my blog that has a direct link to the books for sale on Amazon if you would like to check them out first. Book 2 “Ascended,” was just completed and published with Amazon 2 weeks ago. I think it is my favorite :) http://debraamiller.blogspot.com/

    Synopsis: Descended (Fallen Guardian Saga #1)

    Destiny has two ways of crushing us…by refusing our wishes…and fulfilling them.

    Vie had no idea when she descended into the small town of Newcastle, Wyoming that she’d find herself mesmerized by the mysterious and alluring eyes of one Carter Stone. And Carter believed he knew everyone that lived in his rural town until the day he locked eyes with Vivian Thorne. He couldn’t help but wonder what was different about this girl he had known all of his life.

    He was right, Vie was the beautiful young Guardian that had been sent to their world looking for Carter and she did so merged in the vessel of the Thorne girl. Their meeting sparks a passionate romance between the two and soon after they embark on their journey to uncover the secrets of a past that they begin to realize they both shared. Their forbidden connection unleashes a war with disapproving parties and the lovers find themselves on a mission to uncover the truth of their not wholly human existence and their unbreakable bond.

    Darkness falls as Lucian returns to settle a score with them and their lives take a thrilling and terrifying turn. The only way for Carter to stop Lucian and save the one he holds most dear is to unlock the secrets of his past and unleash the powers within him. What are the chances that two raindrops, flung from the heavens, will merge on a windowpane? Gotta be fate!

    Deeply passionate and extraordinarily suspenseful, Descended captures the struggles between doing what is expected of you and unleashing your destiny, between fulfilling prophecies and desires, between loyalty and love.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration,

    Debra Ann Miller

  7. “I want her. I crave her. I love her. And that is the reason we will all die…”

    Hello, my name is Lola StVil. I’m the author of “Guardians”, a young adult romantic fantasy series that has sold more than 40,000 copies on Amazon and iTunes. The first book in the series, “The Girl” is free on various sites and has been downloaded by more than 100,000 readers. I hope you will review it. Please see summary below and thank you for your time. authorlolastvil@gmail.com


    The prophecy says I will fall in love with the team leader and Angel; Marcus Cane. The prophecy also says that our love will cause his mission to fail and end the world.


    This human is not worried. Why?

    Because I do not intend to fall in love with Marcus.

    The truth is I hate him. I hate his piercing blue eyes, chiseled face and broad shoulders.

    I hate how over protective he is just because a few thousand demons are after me.

    In fact, I could care less about Marcus or his perfect telekinetic girlfriend.

    And when I see him holding her, I don’t die a little inside…


  8. I would love for you to take a look at Project 14: The Legend of Beelzebub’s Bluff, a YA fiction/adventure/fantasy novel by author Grant Kauffman (a good friend of mine). There is a free download on Amazon for the Kindle ebook going on now through Sunday, August 4. Here is the cover synopsis. Thank you so much for your consideration.

    “Day 13, Entry One:
    No sleep last night, again. There are several reasons for this, but it is partly because the purpose of my mission continues to elude me. I know it’s down here somewhere, but sadly, my greatest discovery must wait until next time. If I even make it out of here alive. Whatever is in this cave system with me is closer than it has been in a while. What a ghastly growl it generates. It’s guttural and wet—simply awful. I don’t have much energy left— I need to dig deep. I will stop and write again in a few hours, during my first rest. Until then, Paul”
    Every town has its secrets, though some aren’t supposed to be uncovered. Paul Redman knew all about the secret just south of Henley, Texas—the one locals won’t talk about, the one tourists can’t shut up about. It’s located along a stretch of river, near an anomaly in the Texas terrain—an impressive, yet ominous rock formation—known to locals as Beelzebub’s Bluff.
    It was a secret that Jon Clayton knew as well, which explained his nervousness as he closed the leather-bound journal of Paul Redman and glanced up at his three children sitting around the campfire. His oldest, daughter Skylar, and sons, Noah and Cade, are accompanied by their best friends, Kyra and Timmy Garza. The children soak in every detail of their favorite camping story. It’s the same one Jon and his childhood friend, Danny Garza, have been reading to the kids for years. Every year they come to this place, the campgrounds just outside Henley, the place where Paul Redman was last seen alive over thirty years ago. Soon, the kids will crawl into their tents and will drift off into a deep slumber under a star-filled Texas sky, never imagining the following morning they will stumble upon the extraordinary secret that consumed Paul Redman. By daybreak, the security of the children’s sheltered lives will be shattered forever.

  9. Hello!
    My name is Krista Madden and I am the author of a YA Paranormal Romance titled 3Days. Here is some information about it:

    Title: 3 Days
    Author: Krista Madden
    Synopsis: Kara Laquin wanted nothing more than to forget. Forget the past, live in the present, and ignore the future. When a massive solar flare destroys all electronics and throws the country into chaos, Kara is nearly a whole state away from her lost love, Blaine. He can wait only three days before moving on. With access to fuel limited, she must do anything necessary to get to him before he is forced to move on, but society is crumbling around her. Looters and murderers prowl the cities during the day, and something even worse roams at night.

    I will also have the sequel, PROPHECY, ready by Sept 22. It will be available for release on Oct 4.

    I am looking for reviews for both books. 3Days has been available on Amazon since Feb, and I have just released it on Smashwords a couple of days ago.

    If you choose to review them, I can provide PDF and MOBI formats. Please let me know if this interests you. I am excited to broaden the variety in YA literature with this suspenseful romance!

    Here is a link to view the cover: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BFX90QQ

    Kind Regards,
    Krista M.

  10. Hello Kate & Ashley!

    Let me tell you about my YA fiction novel ‘Crucify Me’.

    Tye Jordyn, an uninspired college student whose yearning for drugs and extravagance outweighs the love he has for his expectant baby mother, gets an internship at a famous LA public relations firm. The notorious Chase Matthews, the king of Hollywood publicity, chooses Tye as one of his two internees and instructs them to come up with a popular campaign in order to win a six figure job at the firm. Tye launches a national campaign promising to nail himself to a cross if he can raise $1 million, never thinking he will actually reach that number. But the fame, girls, and lavish lifestyle is short lived as the money comes pouring in and he has to deliver on his promise to end his life.

    Crucify Me is available on my website http://www.DarianDemetri.com or on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IOAM0GU. I have many more books to release and they will all be just 99¢. Follow me on Twitter @DarianDemetri or Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/crucifymethebook.

    God bless,

    Darian Demetri

  11. Hello Kate and Ashley!

    I am contacting you to see if you have time and would be interested in reading and reviewing my YA Contemporary, Paranormal Romance with Suspense novel (yes, lots of genres…. sorry) called Wraithsong.

    Here is a blurb about the book:

    Seventeen-year-old Sonia is a typical Huldra; she’s breathtakingly beautiful, irresistibly seductive and is the most dangerous being you will ever meet because she can control you with her flair and appropriate pieces of your soul without you even realizing it.

    Sonia is in her senior year when she realizes that she is even more different from her friends than she thought. One day there’s an incident with her and another student, proving she has the same ability to control people as her mom. Though she has had a few similar experiences before, this incident verifies exactly how different she is.
    Things really begin to change when Sonia meets a senior named Anthony. Soon she finds herself consumed by him—which is shocking—because she’s just not one to fall in love. Anthony is handsome and mysterious, but that’s not what drives Sonia crazy. While other guys usually fight for her attention, Anthony doesn’t even give her the time of day. And even stranger yet, her ability to control people doesn’t work on him. Little does Sonia know that he keeps a deep secret too, and that that very secret holds the answer to who she really is.
    With only a few weeks left of school, horrible things happen: Three of Sonia’s cousins, living in another state, are killed, and Sonia’s mom vanishes without a trace.
    Anthony tells Sonia that her mom has been taken to an invisible island called Wraithsong, and that his mother is the abductor. To save her mom’s life, Sonia is forced to accept Anthony’s help and travels with him to find the island, but when Anthony’s mother discovers they are working against her, she sends someone to kill Anthony and capture Sonia.

    Wraithsong is a 94K-word contemporary paranormal romance novel. Think ‘City of Bones’ meets ‘Wake’ with Norse Folklore as the premise of the book.

    I can send a PDF or a softcover copy, whichever you prefer.
    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

    Here is a link to the novel if you want to take a look at some of the chapters before you decide: http://www.amazon.com/Wraithsong-Desirable-Creatures-Series-Book-ebook/dp/B00IT5ADXC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1394412200&sr=8-1&keywords=wraithsong


    Evelyn Squires

  12. Hi Katie and Ashley,
    Fractured Fairy tales meets The Twilight Zone in this short story collection of four uniquely captivating, edgy, fantastical character-driven tales, each with a touch of magic and a powerful message that lingers long after the reads…
    1. In Finnegus Boggs, Confessions of a Marid, Djinn, the genie grants two Oakland punks a chance to change their fate.
    2. Hawk and Megan learn a valuable life lesson about love in Bird’s Eye View.
    3. The Activation is a cautionary tale for bickering children, and the parents who fail to silence them.
    4. Sylverster McCain travels a sliver of light to reset Faith’s path in life in The Morality Police.

    Happy to do a guest blog or interview! PDF or Epub of the complete manuscript will be sent for your review, as well as the book cover, an author bio and pic upon your request. Please let me know which format you’d prefer.

    J Cafesin

    Pertinent information:
    Book Title: Fractured Fairy Tales of the Twilight Zone, Volume One
    Publisher: Entropy Publications (Andrew Weiss, publicist: aweiss@entropypublications.com)
    Pub Date: December 2013
    Author’s Name: J. Cafesin
    Genre(s): Fantasy Suspense; Contemporary Fiction; New Adult
    Website: http://jcafesinauthor.wordpress.com/

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