Q: What’s AFTER THE LAST PAGE about?

Ashley, Katie, and Jessie are a combination of librarians, English teachers, and avid readers.  Ashley and Katie started AtLP to post reviews of books we read and love.  Jessie was added to the group in 2016.  We want to share our love of books, authors, and reading in general.

Q: How do we contact you?
You can email us at atlpreviews@gmail.com.  (We lost the password for the old email!)

Q: Do you take requests for reviews from authors?
Unfortunately, no.  We want to help authors promote, so we’ll gladly do giveaways and show book trailers, etc., but we don’t take requests for reviews.  (Note: This is only because each of us as a TBR pile that could circle the states with live in.  If a book you’re promoting sounds interesting, we’ll read and review it.)

Q: Do you take recommendations?
Sure!  If you have a title you’d think we’d like, shoot us an email with a brief summary.  We’re always looking for recommendations.

Q: Do you do blog tours?
We sure do!  If you’re interested in being a stop on our site, or are putting together a blog tour, you can email Ashley at abs0325@icloud.com.  She sets up all the publicity.

We love promoting authors and books we love, so we’ll gladly participate in publicity announcements.

Q: I’m an author and I want to market my book to your readers.  How can I do that?
Easy!  Email us at atlpreviews@gmail.com or email Ashley directly at abs0325@icloud.com.  We’ll be glad to promote your book via cover reveals, giveaways (you’d provide the book or materials), or Book Birthday announcements.

Q: What is YA Fest?
YA Fest is a young adult book festival that celebrates young adult literature, authors, and readers. It was created to encourage young readers who love YA lit and to give young writers an opportunity to meet and chat with published authors. The first YA Fest (in August 2012) hosted 30+ authors participating in book signings, raffles, and panel discussions. A used book sale is also included to put great books into the hands of teens and young adults for dirt cheap prices, and all proceeds from the sale goes to the hosting library for future festivals. Check out our post of the event here and be sure to like YA Fest on Facebook to show your support!


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