Second Look: Little Monsters by Kara Thomas (2017)

I’m going to try REALLY hard to be clear, coherent, and objective not fan-girl wildly.

Gush Note: I was planning on waiting until June for this book, but after meeting K.T. at #YAFest2017 and finding out what she based this story on, I was excited to see it on NetGalley and HAD TO READ IT RIGHT AWAY.

Book Birthday: July 25, 2017

Kara Thomas, Little Monsters
Random House, 2017


The novel opens with Kacey sneaking out with her two best friends, and little sister, to have a seance in an abandoned (and rumored haunted) barn.  The Red Lady — a local legend — isn’t summoned that night, but it does serve as the impetus for events to come later in the novel.

After Kacey’s BFF, Bailey, disappears after a party, Kacey becomes one of the prime suspects of the case.  As the story unfolds, Kacey finds out secrets about her best friends and her step-family.  She tries to figure out what really happened to Bailey, and who her real friends are.

Based, in part, on the Skylar Neese murder, this novel is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat-True-Crime-for-YAs.


Commencing fangirling in 3…2…1…


I love, love, loved THE DARKEST CORNERS. So when I heard that Thomas was releasing another novel, with the same premise (fictionalized True Crime for YAs), I couldn’t wait.  And then, I found out she was semi-local and invited her to YA Fest.  I met her, and literally gushed all over her.  She’s a fellow #murderino.

Okay, I’m done.  Now, onto the story…

I loved it.  Honestly, there’s not much else I can say.  To make it clear and cohesive, I’m just going to bullet point for you what was awesome about it:

  • It was extremely well-written.
  • There are a lot of twists throughout the story that keeps the reader guessing.
  • The ending has a HOLY SH!T moment that made me gasp out loud.
  • It includes some of my personal favorite things: local ghost stories and crime/mystery.
  • Kacey is an unreliable narrator, which makes the story even harder to figure out.
  • Jade is an absolute bitch, but plays the part well.
  • Kacey’s backstory makes it hard to believe she’s completely innocent.
  • The plot all wrapped up REALLY nicely for the reader.

This was one of those books that I will continue to buy (in every edition), and hand out to my friends and go YOU HAVE TO READ THIS, all while still making heart-eyes in Kara Thomas’s direction.

Seriously.  If you like murder-mysteries, true crime adaptations, or conniving BFFs, this book is for you.

Rating… 12/10 stars!

Now, when’s the next one coming out…?


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