PLL 06X12: Questions and WTF moments

Let’s talk some Pretty Little Liars.

Episode 2 of season 6B (also known as Ep. 12 of the Season 6 to most normal people) aired last night. We had some huge reveals (characters running around in the middle of the night all sneaky-like? Lying liars? No one trusting each other? Destroying evidence? What?! That’s crazy-talk…), but unfortunately we were also left with EVEN MORE QUESTIONS. But what else is new?


Here some of the MANY questions viewers were left with (in order of my perceived importance)…

1. ARE CALEB AND SPENCER DOING THE DANCE WITH NO PANTS?! I was sad and enraged when I discovered “Haleb” was no more, but I gotta say… I found myself endorsing “Spaleb” last night. Honestly, I loved Caleb’s relationships with all the girls. He wasn’t just Hanna’s boyfriend. He was also a friend to all of them who did his best to help, support, and protect the whole gang when shit was goin’ down. I’m actually more upset that this could cause a rift between Caleb and Toby than between the girls. I’m not sure what that says about me or my feelings towards this show…

2. WHAT IS EMILY’S MYSTERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION? I’ve seen a bunch of theories including cancer, diabetes, and fertility treatments. We can speculate until we’re all blue in the face, we’re not going to know until they want us to know.

But what else do we know? (See what I did there? *slaps knee*) Em lost her scholarship after her dad died (RIP Wayne Fields) and now is possibly broke after using all the money he left her on medical treatments. She also told the nurse that she “really needs this to work,” which makes me wonder if the treatments are elective and not medically necessary for some life threatening disease. What person with a potentially serious illness doesn’t need their treatment to work? Her comment doesn’t really seem to make sense in that context.

3. WHY HAVE WE NOT HEARD ANY DISCUSSION OF MRS. D’S UNSOLVED MURDER?! This bothers me more than I can possibly express. Although we saw her gravestone at the end of the ep next to Charlotte’s freshly dug grave… I’m hoping they’ll shake up that mystery again soon. Mrs. D may be gone, but she’s not forgotten!!


5. (Follow up to #4) DID EZRA KILL CHARLOTTE?! His whereabouts are unaccounted for during the time of Charlotte’s murder (because apparently Aria is an expert at detecting lies based solely on eye contact). However, since they’re leading us in that direction, it’s obviously NOT him.

Now, for some epic moments that left me saying

1. How did Sara’s hair somehow get worse? Or it maybe didn’t change that much. Either way, it didn’t get any better. You’d think she’d want to change up her look after 5 years.

2. They’re having the funeral for Charlotte in the same church she was flung off of?

3. Did Ali seriously work a threat into a prayer? Damn, that’s cold…

4. Why is Emily lying to her mother about grad school and not being at Pepperdine? Emily is lying through her teeth about her current academic standing, but can Pam seriously not have any idea that her daughter lost her scholarship and is no longer enrolled in a major university? Meanwhile, Pam is all “EMILY YOU’RE GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL HERE IN ROSEWOOD?” Poor Pam. Someone get the woman some more wine. She’s gonna need it later this season.

5. Can Aria ever have a legit, out-in-the-open relationship? OMG this girl. Did she seriously not learn anything from her high school relationship with her English teacher?

6. Does Ali throw the WORST dinner parties ever or what? Ali’s threatening her guests, wine glasses and corkscrews don’t exist in Ali’s house, Hanna’s ex-boyfriend and current fiance are sitting across from each other at dinner, and, for whatever reason, Hanna’s fiance felt the need to feed the masses with a variety of ethnic foods at someone else’s dinner party.

Also, learning your sister’s time of death before dinner really sets the tone of the evening.

I’m so happy the ridiculous PLL of old is back. More mysteries, more super-shady characters, and more bizarre story arcs. See ya’ll next week!


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