Mid-Year Summary

Welp, kids, it’s the end of June.  (Seriously, where DID the time go?)  I’ve finally managed to get myself somewhat caught up on my personal 52 books read this year challenge.  I should hopefully be caught up by the end of July.


But here’s what I really wanted to share.  Remember back in January, when I posted the Pop*Sugar 2015 Reading Challenge?  I wanted to show you what I’ve filled in!  Now, I didn’t write reviews for all of them.  And I couldn’t find any place to put Tommy Wallach’s WE ALL LOOKED UP, but I think I’m doing pretty good.  22/50 titles so far!  (Never mind this challenge has taken over my reading life, and I’m trying to read books that would only fit on this…)

Ashley's 2015 Reading Challenge (June Update)
Ashley’s 2015 Reading Challenge (June Update)


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