Second Look: Zak Bagans & Kelly Crigger: I AM HAUNTED

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin and the Ghost Adventures show.  I devoured Bagans’ first memoir, DARK WORLD.  So when I found out that his second book was coming out, I made a point to run to B&N on that Tuesday and pick it up.  It took me a while, but I finally got around to reading it, and couldn’t put it down.  (Except when I was picking up my iPad to look up the GA episodes he was referring to.)

I didn’t review DARK WORLD, but I’m sure I’ll be reading it again soon and I’ll make sure to review it.  But, trust me — it’s worth the read.


Title: I AM HAUNTED: Living My Life Through the Dead
Authors: Zak Bagans with Kelly Crigger
Published Date: February 2015
Genre: Memoir, New Age, Paranormal
Age: Adult

What’s It About, Anyway?  In his second memoir, Bagans recounts more of his recent investigations and where he’s at in life now (or, was in 2014).  Each chapter is set up as its own story (or essay, if you will) on a different topic.  He talks about buying the Demon House in Gary, Indiana and filming his new feature documentary there.  He also talks about how his personal life has been affected by what he does for a living.  This memoir is a lot more personal than DARK WORLD was, where he shares his empathy and what the investigations really do to him afterwards.  He talks about the times he’s been possessed and how that’s affected him and those around him (including a chapter on the ghosts haunting ex-girlfriends).  While this is all super interesting (and made me want to watch more episodes of GA), he also shows a lighter side, cracking jokes near the end of the book about an ill-fated plane trip.

Some of the most interesting chapters to me were the ones he talked about the spiritual world and what he’s found/discovered.  If anyone’s a skeptic about what Bagans, Goodwin and the GAC does, reading this memoir will definitely change your mind.  It’s personal, poignant, and sincere.  (I don’t want to say ‘heartfelt’ — that seems like the wrong word.)  Bagans believes in what he does on more than a shallow level.  He truly invests himself — his heart, body, soul — into the investigations and finding out more about the dead that are still around.  It’s really fascinating.

I’d highly recommend this read not only for fans of GHOST ADVENTURES, but also for anyone who’s remotely interested in the paranormal.  This is a true look into that world.  And what’s even more credible is that Bagans doesn’t make assumptions about what he’s telling his reader.  In fact, more times than not, he makes it very clear this is HIS side only, and he can’t say what others have experienced or gone through.  So, it’s nice that he plays his own Devil’s Advocate.  (Pun intended?)

Truly, this second memoir made me more a fan of Bagans and the show, and I’ll keep watching for as long as they keep airing.  (And eagerly awaiting a third book.)

Rating: 9/10 stars. (Well worth the $20 hardcover on Amazon, for sure!)


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