Second Look: Be With Me (A Wait for You Novel) by J. Lynn


Technically the third book in the WAIT FOR YOU series by J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout’s New Adult/Adult pen name) focuses on Cam’s younger sister, Theresa, and best friend, Jase.

If you haven’t already read WAIT FOR YOU and TRUST IN ME, do so.  Although, it might ruin your love of this book because I swear Avery and Cam are amazeballs and nothing will ever compare to their awesome story.

Story Premise (May Contain Spoilers)

Theresa went to college as a back-up until her ACL healed.  Then, she was out of there and back to competing as a dancer.  What Theresa doesn’t figure is that she’ll be face-to-face with Jase Winstead, her brother’s best friend and the source of her crush for the last 3 years.

When Theresa’s knee is ‘blown’ (again) and her future as a dancer is ripped away, she turns to Jase for comfort.  (Comfort that he’s totally willing to give in true alpha male sex god fashion.)  However, Jase has secrets.  Huge, life-altering secrets that make him pull away from Theresa, even after telling Cam about their relationship.

However, there’s definitely a Happily Ever After in this novel, as Theresa proves she’ll be by Jase’s side and help him through his issues.

The novel deals with domestic abuse (NOT between Jase and Theresa!)


Reviewer’s Note:  I’m completely biased.  I loved Avery and Cam’s story so much that it’s extremely hard to love this for all the great things in this novel.

LikeI liked that Theresa was a strong female character.  After dealing with an abusive boyfriend and carrying around the guilt for almost ruining Cam’s life (backstory in Wait for You), she doesn’t allow herself to be beaten down (both physically and metaphorically).  She has her breakdowns, which are totally understandable because as Calla says, she was dealt a “shit sandwich,” but she doesn’t dwell on it.  She’s not a Whiny Wanda.  She mopes about Jase, but then she makes herself continue with life.  I loved reading her POV here.

LikeJase is a total Sex God on a Stick.  Holy cow.  There’s nothing I love more than reading J. Lynn’s characters.  (Read: Damon Black.)  He has a lot of baggage, but he still manages to be hot.  It’s extremely hard not to root for him to be with Tess.

LikeThere are some awesome one-liners.

LikeI laughed.  I cried.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Like:  There were hints of Cam/Avery — AND we got a sneak into their future.  Maybe we’ll find out more in the next book?

Dislike:  It wasn’t Cam/Avery.  (OK, I know this is not a formal complaint, but I can’t help it.  I just want to curl up with WFY/TIM all the time.)


I have to say, I loved it and it’s a definite keeper, but since I keep comparing it to the first in the series, it gets a lower rating.  I’ll have to go with a solid 8/10.

Goodie Bag

I didn’t highlight any quotes, which makes me sad.  I’ll definitely do that when I re-read it in the future.  But I did find this great picture at the Goodreads discussion page and thought it fit pretty perfectly:








Next in the Series:  Stay with Me: Calla and Jax.  Releases September 23, 2014.


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