Second Look: With You by Nashoda Rose (Tear Asunder Novella)

with-you-by-nashoda-roseTitle:  With You (Novella)
Author:  Nashoda Rose
Series:  Tear Asunder, 0.5
Genre:  New Adult, Romance

Synopsis:  Emily wants to lean how to fight after she’s assaulted after work one night.  In order to learn, she goes to the one person she thinks can help her: Sculpt.  He’s an illegal fighter and a musician.  He’s also very, very scary.  But he agrees to teach her how to fight.  So starts their tenuous friendship that blossoms, quickly, into a whirlwind relationship.  It takes five months for Emily and Sculpt to admit their feelings for each other, but once they do there’s no going back.

This is the prequel to Nashoda Rose’s TORN FROM YOU, the first full-length novel in the Tear Asunder series.  On Amazon, it’s recommended to read this before the novel.

Thoughts:  Generally, I don’t like “classic” romance writing – you know, heaving bosoms and breathless touches.  But I couldn’t put this novella down.  It’s a mix between the classic Harlequin romance and New Adult, but it has enough to keep readers interested.  There are some lines that had me rolling my eyes, but they pass quickly in favor of the actual plot and character development.

Emily’s a great character because she falls into the ‘everywoman’ idea: she’s nothing special.  Especially when it comes to the girls that Sculpt usually takes home after fights.  Sculpt is the classic bad boy with a past so bad he doesn’t talk about it – to anyone.  Rose weaves in hints about Sculpt’s past through the novella, if the reader is able to catch them.

As a character, Sculpt’s possessiveness is attractive.  It’s a fantasy-come-to-life, which is what made the novella so good. He’s a take-what-I-want character that the reader wants to let herself submit to.

The story ends on a cliffhanger, which is frustrating as hell – but luckily TORN FROM YOU is out so you can read it as soon as you finish WITH YOU.

If you like aggressive bad boys who know how to handle a woman, then this story is definitely for you.  It’s only in e-book, but for 99 cents on Kindle, you can’t go wrong.

Go now.  Buy.  Read.  Drool.

Rating… 9/10 stars.



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