Second Look: PERFECT SCOUNDRELS by Ally Carter

Kat and her whole crew are back in the third Heist Society installment for her most difficult caper yet.

February 5, 2013

The Story: Kat Bishop has been in a lot of sticky situations, but she may be a little in over her head in this one. When Hale inherits his family’s company after the sudden death of his grandmother, Marcus (Hale’s loyal and ever-present butler) alerts Kat that not all is kosher at Hale Industries. He suspects the will may have been tampered with and this time Hale isn’t in on the con… he’s the mark. If Marcus’s theory is true, Kat will have to risk everything, including her relationship with Hale, to right the wrong and catch the bad guy.

The Low Down:  Ally Carter continues to be awesome with her newest novel in the Heist Society series. She brilliantly writes seamless storylines and unbelievable complex cons with a loveable group of characters and her signature wit.

Though this is different from the other HS novels in one respect: Hale is simply not the same Hale every female reader fell in love with. Don’t get me wrong, his grandmother died and his inheritance was a lie. The kid has a reason to be sad and pissy. But Hale’s usual snarkiness and sense of humor was definitely missed. If anything, though, it gave more dimension to his character. Hale isn’t just some handsome, rich, teenage playboy. He has another side of him that does care what his family thinks, despite what he claims. So even though I was disappointed to not see the Hale I know and love, I can appreciate learning more about his character.

On the plus side, we’re introduced to almost everyone in Kat’s thieving family (including a hilariously naked Uncle Felix) while Kat tries to run the biggest con of her teenage life. But we also get an inside look at Hale’s family as well. Parents, cousins, aunts, uncles (including a long lost uncle which may or may not be Uncle Eddie) are all introduced. Family dynamics are a big theme in this novel, and by the end we have a better understanding of Hale’s real family (FYI: A very kind note from an unexpected character may make you tear up).

Extra Goodies: 

  • Quote Props. If you’re familiar with our Quote Props feature, you may know that every so often AtLP highlights quotes from books that we find particularly poignant, well-written, and (more commonly) downright hilarious. Ally Carter has provided us with an entire book’s worth of Quote Props with Perfect Scoundrels.

The Bottom Line: In typical Ally Carter fashion, Perfect Scoundrels is full of brilliant plans, witty quips, and a full cast of quirky characters. Despite having a bit of a darker element than the other Heist Society novels, this one is just as fun as the others.  It’s sure  to draw readers in for a quick, easy read that’s full of intriguing and hilarious con-men action.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out Double Crossed, Ally Carter’s short story featuring characters from both the Heist Society AND Gallagher Girls series!


One comment

  1. I absolutely adore the Heist Society novels. I can’t wait to get a chance to read this one. It sounds amazing. I love reading about all the well thought out cons Carter comes up with. And I’m dying to see Hale’s family for the first time!

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