YA for NJ auction is in full swing!

If I didn’t love Kieran Scott before, I certainly do now. But let’s face it… I loved her anyway.

As Ashley mentioned in a previous post, New Jersey native Kieran Scott (who penned the He Said/She Said and Non-Blonde Cheerleader series, as well as other notable books and series under the pen name Kate Brian) has organized an AMAZING event to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy in the form of an online auction called YA for NJ.


The YA for NJ ebay auction runs from November 30 – December 8, and all proceeds will go to helping Hurricane Sandy victims.

What sorts of things are up for auction, you may be asking? 

  • 11 books autographed and personalized by Elizabeth Scott
  • Autographed copies of The Other Normals and Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini
  • An autographed collection by Ellen Hopkins
  • A set of the Beautiful Creatures series signed by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
  • A Skype visit and collection of books by Elizabeth Eulberg
  • An autographed set of the Escape from Furnace series by Alexander Gordon Smith
  • And many, many, many, many more!!

Check out the full listing of items for sale here!

Also, major props to all the authors who donated to this great cause. You guys rock and are among some of the most awesome people in the world. Thank you for all you do.



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