Second Look: Jennifer Estep’s CRIMSON FROST (Mythos Academy #4)


Releasing December 22, 2012.

Title: Crimson Frost: A Mythos Academy Novel
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: Mythos Academy, #4
Genre: Mythology, Urban Fantasy
Age: Young Adult, 14+
Release Date: December 22, 2012 – Paperback. (Amazon | BN)

Previous Reviews
Touch of Frost (Book #1)
Dark Frost (Book #3)

The Breakdown
A few months after Loki’s release from Helheim, Gwen is confronted with yet another of the Reapers’ evil plans.  This time Gwen isn’t just fighting the Reapers, she’s fighting the Protectorate – the protecting body of all the Mythological World.

Gwen’s put on trial for her life when someone accuses her of freeing Loki intentionally and actually being Loki’s Champion – not Nike’s. 

To make matters worse – Logan’s father, Linus Quinn, is the leader of the trial! 

It’s up to Gwen and her friends to find out what the Reapers have planned and stop them — before it’s too late.

Loved It or Loved It?

I was so excited that I was able to read this prior to its release in late December.  I’ve been jonsing for another Mythos Academy book and had actually started to re-read TOUCH OF FROST. 

Crimson Frost is just like the previous 3 books of the series – ah-mazing!  While the beginning is a little slow (despite Logan and Gwen’s date!).  The trial part of the story, while necessary, is also a little boring.  However, once Gwen figures out what’s really going on, the story begins to move faster and really captures the readers’ attention.  I couldn’t put it down after the larger arc became clear in the book.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers – but I’ll say this: It’s definitely a good read.  Usually around book 4 of a 6 book series, the action slows and books become “bridges” to continue the story to the conclusion.  Estep continues to deliver action, drama, tragedy in Crimson Frost. 

The book’s arc – Gwen’s trial – is interesting because it shows the inner workings of the Protectorate and the Mythological world, pulling away from just the students.  You also get to see Logan’s dad and how the two interact.  (Poor Logan!)

In the end, Gwen’s quest as Nike’s Champion continues.  This time, with a little more hope at the end.

I’ll tell you what I don’t like – Logan’s decision.  It just irks me because I love Gwen/Logan. 

One thing that I loved was how strong Gwen is throughout the last 1/3 of the book.  She really toughens up and does the Right Thing, even if it makes people upset with her.  And despite Logan’s Bad Decision (Bad Decision 2012, anyone?), she bucks up and keeps doing what needs to be done.  She doesn’t wallow.  Go fierce heroine!

A definite recommenation for anyone who’s read the series.  And if you haven’t read it – go out and start with Touch of Frost.  Right now.  Go.  Seriously.

Rating… 10/10 stars.

Bonus Goodies

At the end of the eARC I read, Estep includes the usual bits about the Mythological World and the characters of the book.  She also has an extra exert.  AND there’s the first chapter of Midnight Frost, book 5 of the series (slated to be released August 2013). 

Reviewer’s Note
Even though I read an eARC, I’ll be buying a copy for my personal bookshelf at home.  I’ll definitely pick this up again!


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