Article: The Dudes of YA

When something like this hits my Facebook page, it has to go viral.

A huge congrats to Jon Skovron and Josh Berk (both from YA Fest 2012) for making the list!

The Dues of YA, a “Lit-Erotic” Photo Spread from The Weeklings

YES, THESE ARE the Twelve Sexy Apostles of Young Adult writing. A dozen hot pockets of raw literary expression. Twelve men who’ve come together–not only in the spirit of community–but to publicly assert their masculinity, physicality, and fierce writing chops. Despite toiling in a genre traditionally dominated by women–outnumbered, emasculated, and marginalized–these dudes nevertheless bravely forge ahead with creative intensity, ripped abdominals, and thrusts of powerfully rhythmic prose.

The Weeklings staff spent the last six months hitting lonely back roads–scouring dank alleys, dive bars, and a spate of greasy diners–to finally catch up with each and every one of these true Americans. The result is a compendium of in-depth interviews, raw admissions and racy poses. We could not be prouder of the outcome, having compiled an edgy and utterly provocative photo essay. It’s a piece of journalism unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

Readers, hold on to your skirts: The Weeklings proudly presents:

Twelve Very Literary Men



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