Second Look: ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD by Kendare Blake

I love a good ghost story.  Kendare Blake did not fail to deliver an amazing ghost story.

PS: How can you not love a story titled Anna Dressed in Blood?  I mean, really!

Title: Anna Dressed in Blood
Author: Kendare Blake
Genre: Paranormal, Ghosts, Romance
Age: 14+ (Violence, Suggested Sexual Situations)

What’s It About
Cas (short for Thesus Cassio) is a ghost hunter.  Like his father before him, he puts ghosts to their final rest.  Only the bad ones, that is.  Those that murder people, really.  When he gets a tip about Anna Dressed in Blood, a ghost in Canada that has killed more than 25 people in the last half century, he’s intrigued.

When he shows up in Canada, he gets more than he bargained for.  Namely, friends.  And a love interest.

When Cas and a few of the high schoolers go to Anna’s house, they find out just how murderous she really is.  She literally tears one of them in half.  But she spares Cas’s life.  Repeatedly.  Even though she throws him around the house like a rag-doll.

Making a great story’s synopsis short, Cas and Anna start to fall for each other.  Cas doesn’t want to kill Anna, but rather help her.  And when he (and the Ghostbusters) unwittingly ‘release’ her from the house, other murders start occurring.  Is Anna responsible?  Cas and the GBs need to find out.  And fast.

Did I love it? Oh yeah.
My only gripe is that I wish I had more time to read it faster!  I ended up sitting on the couch most of yesterday to finish this book up.  It was that good.  Blake’s plot is smooth and she keeps you guessing until the end.  Anna’s a tragic heroine, but she’s definitely a heroine (not to spoil things!).  Cas is a great character with a lot of witty comebacks.  My favorite character might be Thomas, though.  Throughout the story, I kept thinking of Sam from I Am Number Four.  And of course, the other girl – Carmel.

Before I get lost on a tangent…

I really did love the book.  It was a great story that brought ghost hunting and romance into a new light.  (After all – I did get hooked on YA through Meg Cabot’s Mediator series!)  I really enjoyed the dialogue and character development.  You felt for the characters, especially Anna.  Cas’s development of feelings is gradual and he’s the last one to realize them, which is kind of nice.

It’s a smooth read with great characters and awesome plot twists.  Loved it!

The Girl of Nightmares is the sequel.  It was just released and is sitting on my bookshelf.  But I might have to hold off reading it until I get some school work done.  Sigh.

Rating… 9/10


One comment

  1. I am sighing with you. I would like to read The Girl of Nightmares, but I have to hold off until I get more work done as well. There are just so many good books just waiting to be read. :)

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