Cover Reveal: SEVER by Lauren DeStefano (Chemical Garden, Book 3)

So help me, I LOVE how the covers of the Chemical Garden series all coordinate with each other. I hate when the covers of series books randomly change ad take on a whole new look from one book to another. That being said, I’m not a huge fan of green in general, but I still think it’s all sorts of fabulous.

DeStefano also tweeted earlier today:

“Someone has just informed me that on Amazon you can really zoom in on SEVER’s cover detail. Notice anything… off about the wedding ring?”

My only other question is: HOW DARE THEY MAKE US WAIT UNTIL FEBRUARY 12?!

Any thoughts on the cover?


4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: SEVER by Lauren DeStefano (Chemical Garden, Book 3)

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  1. I’m not sure I like this one as much as I liked the covers for Wither and Fever. I think it’s the green that’s getting to me. Maybe if it was a different color green? I do like all the objects that are surrounding her. They’re like little clues into what could happen!

    1. I hear ya. That was my only gripe with it, too. Maybe a deeper green, like teal or turquoise, would have been better. Maybe my superhero powers or on the fritz right now, but I still can’t figure out what’s so “off” about the wedding ring!

      1. I think it’s the fact that it’s “off.” All during Fever she still wore her ring… but now she’s not wearing it.

        It took me a while to get that one! haha

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