Second Look: SWEET EVIL by Wendy Higgins

I was waiting for this book to be released.  When I was at Barnes & Noble, I was excited to see it on the shelf.  Needless to say, I scooped it up ASAP and rushed home. 

Title: Sweet Evil
Author: Wendy Higgins
Series?: Higgins has mentioned she sees this being the first in a trilogy.  Waiting on news about the second book!
Age: 14+
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Anna was always the Good Girl.  She doesn’t do drugs.  She never drank.  She wasn’t a social butterfly.  That starts to change when Anna turns 16 and meets the mysterious Kaiden Rowe.

Anna finds out that she’s a Nephilim – the child of a fallen angel.  What makes Anna special is that her mother was a real angel, not a human.

The novel goes through Anna’s change from being someone who sticks to the shadows to being connected to Kaiden Rowe to meeting her father for the first time (he was incarcerated) to trying to pretend to be a Nephilim.

(That was a horrible synopsis, but I read it a while ago.)

I’ve read a lot of stories based on Nephilim and I was a little apprehensive about Sweet Evil being similar.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Higgins creates a new perspective (at least in my experience) on how the Nephilim “work.”  They are the children of demons who are forced to work for their fathers.  The Neph that show up in the novel (at least as supportive characters) are children that don’t necessarily want to work. 

Anna’s change from Good Girl to Practicing Nephilim is a good storyline.  There is a definite flow from how things change, which is realistic. 

Now let’s be serious.  I loved the dynamic between Kaiden and Anna.  I think this is what makes or breaks books for me.  And at one point I totally skipped to the end to see what happened and I nearly threw the book!  (Spoiler alert, ahem.)  But then Katie reminded me that we waited for three books for Jace and Clary to get together in The Mortal Instruments.  So I suppose there IS a plan there.  But, OMG.

Kaiden is everything that paranormal romances are made up of.  He’s mysterious and cocky and just hubba hubba!  I have to admit, I kept drooling. 

General Thoughts
I loved it.  I really did.  The storyline is interesting and held through the entire book.  There’s a blooming love triangle for the future books, but I’m still Kaiden/Anna all the way. 

The characters are well developed, especially Anna as the main character.  She can really carry the story.  I liked that about her.  She was a strong female, but there’s definitely room to grow.  Her decisions and role reminded me of Ismae from Grave Mercy.

Definitely a great summer read!

Rating: 9/10

BONUS MATERIAL!!!1  You can download a playlist on Amazon.  (Or conveniently, through this link.)



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