Book trailer for Simone Elkeles’ “Chain Reaction”

All I have to say is WOW.

Check out more book trailers and videos at her official website


One thought on “Book trailer for Simone Elkeles’ “Chain Reaction”

  1. samara says:

    simone elkeles you should definitley get round to making perfect chemistry, rules of attraction and chain reaction into a movie. Make your books and imagination become real because i for one am very impressed and fond of most of your books so far. you are a sensational writer. The trailer of the book chain reaction is just the start if you were going to make it into a movie. also if you made your books into a movie it would be a big hit and a classic and also it will kind of unique and something which would appeal wide range of people.
    thank you simone elkeles for your exquisite books and i hope to read more of your books to come which should be as good as chain reaction, perfect chemistry and rules of attraction. or even better.

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