Second Look: The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June by Robin Benway

April, May and June are very special sisters. One morning the three randomly develop weird and wonderful powers. They quickly realize that their secrets aren’t so secret anymore, since April can see the future, May can disappear and travel anywhere she wants without being seen, and June can read minds. Just when it seems like their newfound powers will drive them even farther apart, April sees a vision that will bring them together whether they like it or not.

Anyone with two siblings can easily relate to the first, middle, and third child syndrome that the main characters have. April, age 16 and the oldest, is the sister that’s large and in charge. She’s not bossy, but has a maternal air about her. She’s studious, orderly, a control freak, and likes things the way she likes them. May, the middle child, always feels invisible. She’s just trying to find out who she is, and being sandwiched between her sisters makes this feel impossible to her. June is the typical annoying younger sister. She’s 14 and succumbs easily to peer pressure has a bit of a rebellious streak in her when it means earning points with the school’s popularity princess, Mariah. She’s obsessed with popularity, friends, makeup, clothes, and everything else that reeks of teenybopperness. Once she starts reading minds, she takes “annoying” to a whole new level.


  • SUPERPOWERS! What would YOU do if you had them?
  • You’ve heard of love/hate relationships? Well this story has love/hate love interests. It makes the romance portion of our program that much more fun.

These girls were a lot of fun to read about. Though June got on my nerves (A LOT), as any little sister would, May’s sense of humor kept me cracking up throughout the story. April was high strung big sister I never wanted, but I can’t hold it against her. You’d be high strung too if you had a psychic vision of yourself losing your virginity to the random, unknown dude you happen to share locker space with. Watching the sisters learn how to handle their powers was a total trip and understanding where the story was headed was like taking a mini adventure. Though I wouldn’t necessarily call this a coming of age novel, we see the girls grow and learn about life, love, and each other. Similar to her other novel, Audrey, Wait!, Robin Benway once again hits a homer with her addictive, fast paced, laugh-out-loud writing. This most definitely is a stand-alone novel and I don’t foresee and sequel, however I would love to see what else the sisters learn to do with their powers. While The Extraordinary Secrets has a bit more suggestive content and strong language than Audrey, Wait!, it’s still a sure hit for young teens and reluctant readers.




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